Training Readiness Management System (TRMS)

The Training Readiness Management System, or TRMS, is a customized computer software program that gives an accurate assessment of a unit’s readiness and ability to conduct operations. The software is simple and easy to operate and uses the unit’s own standards to define success. TRMS is web-based and operates on any workstation or as part of a network. The system provides instant reports to leaders on individual, team and tactical unit strengths and weaknesses. It gives an honest assessment of a unit’s combat readiness, displayed in graphs, and provides the current training and readiness at any point in time and at any level of command.

Specific TRMS features include:

  • Unit mission readiness assessment
  • Individual initial qualifications and recurring certifications
  • Individual and unit proficiency evaluation
  • Automated after-action reviews
  • Staff proficiency appraisal
  • Status of major items of equipment and weapons
  • Management / prioritization of training exercises, events and resources
  • Track expenditure of costs associated with training
  • Integrating training with operations
  • Produce status reports
  • Personnel management
  • Available in any language