Special Applications Group assists organizations in becoming more effective through implementation of standards and performance-based training.  We work closely with the customer to develop and execute scalable exercises and training programs that enable organizations to discover, validate and prioritize core competencies and critical skills that empirically document their readiness and mission preparedness.

Special Applications Group applies a proven, standards-based approach to training management.  We assess and provide a product specifically tailored for each organization’s mission, and essential and supporting tasks.  This approach enables Special Applications Group to help the organization understand and train to the tasks required for success at every level.  Our Training Readiness Management System (TRMS) software provides a tool to manage training so that individuals have the current qualifications and proficiency to support the team; the team is capable of supporting its higher unit; and the unit supports the organization.


Special Applications Group utilizes our years of U.S. military experience to develop unique and effective standards and performance-based training programs for our military customers.

We develop and execute informed and proven training methodologies to identify areas of focus and prioritize necessary skills and practices.

Our military training includes exercise development, table top exercises, observer trainer teams, red cells, scenario development, exercise control, facilitated After Action Reviews (AAR), and hands-on combatives training (capability tiers).

Law Enforcement

Special Applications Group leverages our experience developing comprehensive training programs for the U.S. military and all levels of law enforcement from federal to local agencies.  Our proven training programs are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the organization, ensuring readiness and preparation for success at every operational level.

The challenges faced by law enforcement are unique, but effective training and training management practices can be applied to any organization.  Special Applications Group has a proven track record in improving the training practices of law enforcement agencies, informed by years of training management with and on behalf of the FBI.


Special Applications Group’s commercial training programs apply our proven strengths and experience developing training solutions for law enforcement and U.S. military organizations to civilian organizations and the problems they face.

Our standards-based approach to training management is easily adapted to the challenges presented by a civilian organization.  Although the issues faced by civilian organizations differ in many ways from the challenges faced by military and law enforcement, the approach to effective training management and planning is universally adaptable.

We provide the tools for trainers to observe and manage the progress of individuals and their ability to support his or her team in a progression that leads all the way up to ensuring the success of the organization.