Our History

Special Applications Group was formed in October 2004 in Tampa in response to a need for values-based, responsive studies and assessments within the Special Operations community of interest, and the demand for standards-based training in support of federal and local law enforcement in the post-9/11 era.  SAG formed a core team around proven SOF leaders from the Joint community.

In 2005, the United States Special Operations Command leveraged SAG for support to the Joint Special Operations University and the Headquarters Battle Staff.

In 2006, SAG was awarded a five-year contract in support of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Center for Special Operations.  Through full integration with the USSOCOM Staff, SAG demonstrated flexibility, responsiveness and value on a wide range of tasks.  We have built on that foundation to grow to more than 30 employees, on multiple contracts, in support of USSOCOM.  In 2006, SAG also supported the Department of Homeland Security TopOFF 4 exercise, and continued support to the FBI.

2007 saw SAG’s first efforts in the overseas commercial market.  We were sought out by former senior US military officers to lead a series of Table Top exercises to help the United Arab Emirates establish a Joint war-fighting capability.

Building on our Special Operations Aviation foundation, in 2010 SAG began providing direct training support to Special Operations Command-Europe to create aviation capabilities in Key / Partner Nations.  This support has expanded into several countries and spans the spectrum of aviation missions.

In 2011, SAG relocated from South Tampa to our current headquarters on Corporex Park Drive.

In 2012, SAG was awarded our first prime contract at the United States Central Command.

In 2012, SAG was awarded a prime contract at the United States Department of Justice.

Since 2014, SAG has provided support to SPWG as a subcontractor.

Since 2015, SAG has provided support to JCC as a subcontractor.

Since 2016, SAG has provided support to SOCSOUTH as a subcontractor.