Special Applications Group’s aviation programs provide customers the unprecedented experience and lessons learned from service in the U.S. Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, our nations’  premier Special Operations Aviation unit. We apply critical Special Operations Aviation tactics, techniques and procedures and standards-based training to help aviation users build and sustain advanced capabilities.

Our flight training, academic courses and seminars provide aviation leaders and supported organizations with the tools to maximize aviation as a force multiplier. All training is designed or tailored to specific department or agency needs and is easily modified to achieve local or regional training requirements.

Our instructors are experts in special mission aviation tasks and integrated air-ground-maritime mission planning and execution. They have led demanding aviation missions worldwide as commanders, flight leads, instructor pilots and standardization and safety officers.

We bring the training to the customer, providing tailored support while saving them critical time and money.


SAG provides needs-driven, standards-based flight training to a global client base, in both U.S. and foreign-owned aircraft.  The company’s flight training capabilities represent a broad performance spectrum, including initial training concept development, training documentation production support, hands-on aircraft and simulator-based flight instruction and post-training integration of lessons learned prior to beginning successive iterations.
SAG possesses an immense aviation experience base unmatched in terms of firsthand tactical and operational planning, precision execution and multi-echelon leadership and decision-making.  Company member’s decades-long involvement with standards-based, performance-oriented training ensures that the client’s flight training needs are met with performance overmatch, based on doctrine and proven industry best practices and applicable pre-defined conditions.
SAG provides several categories of flight training to meet operational and training requirements:

  • Initial aircraft qualification
  • Mission / design / series qualification
  • Night-vision goggle qualification and refresher training (Pilot and Instructor Pilot-levels)
  • Basic and advanced tactical training
  • Environmental training: Urban, Desert, High Altitude, Over Water


SAG develops, produces and conducts numerous programs of academic instruction on behalf of U.S. and foreign clients each year.  The company provides training in combat pre-deployment, leader professional development (with practical exercises), special mission aviation and aviation “ground school” academics.  This essential service, and the associated supporting documents, can be independent of a related flight-training event, or linked directly to the client’s hands-on training course.
Trainers apply the same positive attributes and proven tenets of training development that have stood the test of time by the U.S. military throughout the development, implementation, execution and review phases of academic training.  SAG ensures the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls approves all training products and services for export.  Historical examples the type of academic training support provided to U.S. and foreign clients include:

  • International Security Assistance Force pre-deployment academics
  • Kosovo Force, or KFOR, pre-deployment academics
  • Night-vision goggle qualification and refresher academics
  • NATO Special Operations Air Task Unit academics
  • Air Advisor Team, or AAT, military assistance

Surveys & Assessments

SAG conducts multifunctional capability surveys and assessments in support of the U.S. Department of Defense.  The Aviation Unit Survey Program, or AUSP, integrates open-source military and civilian aviation best practices and survey processes that are common to trained and ready organizations.  The use of open-source, well-defined procedures helps instill confidence for end users in the survey process.  Our AUSP incorporates sponsor guidance, previous survey information and authorized U.S. military aviation survey information to ensure the focus remains on the functional areas of emphasis that help determine unit strengths, weaknesses, requirements, capabilities, gaps and needs that assist with developing viable training programs to improve or sustain advanced aviation war fighting skills.  Survey functional areas include:

  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Aircraft airworthiness
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Air crewmember readiness
  • Command and control


SAG provides comprehensive aviation support services across the aviation spectrum.  We provide full-time, night vision qualified Pilots, Instructor Pilots, Safety Officers, maintenance personnel, Flight Engineers and Gunners.  The company’s suite of consultative services includes, but is not limited to: multi-echelon — individual, crew and collective — training; user-vantage system design and material development; new equipment and unit training; safety and standardization; unit readiness; program planning and budget execution; and tactical, operational and strategic planning.